Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Florence Welch Appreciation Post

Florence Welch is my goddess. Had I any sort of concrete and specific set of beliefs or an icon to worship I would base it on Florence. She is a wonderful creature and is one of my biggest inspirations in all aspects of my life.

Her music is enthralling and I feel identified with it; its magical essence and its profoundness found amidst the foggy, somewhat surrealistic lyrics seem to somehow seep into my soul, very deep. Florence herself is a sort of... how to put it... muse to me, I suppose you could say? She holds this significant place in my heart because what she represents: originality, uniqueness, genuineness and overall a sort of love for life is extremely influential and inspiring to me.

She holds a special and haunting beauty, it's mysterious, and though many people I know would describe her as unattractive, I find her to be of incredible beauty. Through her lyrics you realise she has a sensibility for the world around her, which she transforms into this magical fantastic alternative universe, something I'd love to be able to do and am achieving slowly, to take what you don't like from what surrounds you and create something extraordinary with it. I don't exaggerate, despite my tendency to do so, when I quite strongly state music is one of the most powerful forces which affect me personally every day, and Florence's music and way of seeing life has made me change my perspective on many things.

My last two posts have been dedicated to music, but it's true that, in a way, it's saved me and helped me become the person I am today. I can proudly say for once I have one aspect of my identity figured out, and that is the way music makes me feel. Or at least certain types of music.

This is my favorite song by Florence + The Machine

La super amo. (Spanglish Foreverr)


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