Friday, 17 February 2012

New things!

Today I bought make-up! I love it. I have a headache so forgive me for my short lines. Although... maybe it bothers you I over-explain things all the time and write run-on sentences and such. Which I am doing... right now. Anywho, I bought the 'Naked' palette by Urban Decay (40€) which I've been dying to buy, and a brush from Sephora (13€) and then I went to H&M and got make-up there too, because I'm all for Tha Kualityy. Oh, it's a blush. It's a coral-y pink. I like it. Here are some pictures!

Apart from that, it has been a long week and I am tired as fuck because I had an exam today and eegh. I just want to sleep for more than 4 hours today so I can be happy ^_^. Other than that my thoughts today revolve around the fact that I really want to play the accordeon, that the MacBook keyboard is so much lovelier than any other keyboard and... that... I like this girl's style.
And this version of Cosmic Love. <3

x Have a lovely weekend, you wonderful beings

Thursday, 9 February 2012

I think it's time to get to work

Pff. Debería estar haciendo cosas responsables. Como estudiar Tecnología Textil. O haciendo el trabajo de diseño. Pero hoy JURO que me pongo a ello. Intentaré hacer todos los dibujos para Diseño posibles. Y para motivarme, mientras los haga los voy posteando. Así no tengo excusa. MUAHAHAHA.
Me pongo a las 15.00. tengo veinte minutos. Ay. Os dejo con mi daily inspiration.

YA ME VOY! 10 minutos. Waaaaaaaaa.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My day in fucking Photobooth

Hoy mi día ha sido aburrido y poco productivo. Y por poco quiero decir NADA. Así que me he hecho unas atractivas fotos con el Photobooth del Mac y he sido feliz.

Me aburro, no me juzguéis. 
Estoy releyendo Marina de Carlos Ruiz Zafón.
Y escuchando mucho Florence and The Machine (NO REALLY?)
Y viendo mucho Freaks and Geeks , la cual es una serie guay.
Y bueno, no haciendo absolutamente nada de lo que debería.
Pero da iguaaaaal.
Escuchad esta canción:

Pasad una maravillosa noche! <3

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Home is where the heart is

You know I hate talking on telephones

Lately I've been feeling strange. Perhaps it's the fact I've been away from school for over a week and I'm just a little disconnected. I believe I've always been an artist at heart. I am no business woman, I do not believe I'm cunning or to have a sharp eye for getting ahead in the world. I seem to let the world carry me along with it. I've been less and less inspired by the fashion industry. I feel like I've nothing to do there, like I wouldn't fit in...

However, I have come to a conclusion. I need to find my own pace. I have to find my light, you could say. Right now I feel completely flustered and pressured and suddenly very scared for the future I may or may not have. But when the moment comes, and the light shines into my room really nicely, I feel quite happy and confident I've chosen the right way. But I also believe in the process of things, and the beauty in them, so I guess I'll just have to make mine really worthwhile so I can feel happy with myself. I don't know.

It's been good lately. I have been obsessing over a few things. Shall I show you my favorites? Let us proceed:
  • Sunlight between the clouds. 

View from my room. Taken with Instagram. 
  • Pink hair
  • White-Blonde hair
  • Zooey Deschanel
  • Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice
  • The Kooks. They remind me of another time in my life, when I was... younger? I feel so old saying that. But yes, I was younger. More innocent, perhaps, but not much more. It's strange how much can be remembered by a song. It's really fucking unreal. 

That is all, my long (un)necessary rant. My favorites of the week. My reflection on the most reflective moment of the day. Yup.
ALSO! Today was my sister's birthday. She's the most beautiful and most amazing human being on this entire universe. She is so wonderful. Happy 15, Marta! I love you.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Hoodies and tea.

Visual Representation of how I feel today. ^^

Hi. It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm possibly the least reliable person ever for these sort of things, I'll have my constant moments and then float away with no good reason. It's happened with the blog, but, alas, I am back! How have you been? How's 2012 been so far for you? For me, it's been quite nice, quite tranquil, a lot of time to think, and not enough time to be sad yet.

As a first notice, I had an interview done by the gorgeous, lovely, amazing Marina which you can see on her amazing blog. It was really interesting because I liked doing it quite a lot, it was a great opportunity to open myself up for the questions she posed, which are things that always roam my mind and it was good to deliver them concisely. Apart from that, this last week was Mercedes-Benz Madrid Fashion Week, and I was lucky enough to attend! I was only able to go once because I got sick, but it was a wonderful day, I'll expand on that soon enough, I promise.

Fashion-wise, there are news. I have acquired the best shoes to exist. Ever. And they were 20€ at H&M. Wonderful. Here, take a look at this really low-quality photo (I'm afraid I can't take a better one right now):

They're from the Trish Summerville for H&M collection based around the movie "The Dragon Tattoo" ('Los hombres que no amaban a las mujeres'). Thank God the collection wasn't too popular in Spain and these lovelies were half-price in such short notice. So happy. They're the MOST COMFORTABLE (comfortablest?) boots I've ever worn! 

I've also gone back to being interested in one of my favorite things as a young teen. Zip-up hoodies. They were my life. In my more emo-ish days, my black sweaters were my saviours. I had like 10 and I've been left with two, weirdly enough. My favorite one is a random one from Benetton and it's black and just super simple. I'll show you guys soon. Here are a bunch of photos depicting my re-discovered love for these staples. They're so comfy and casual and laid-back... so much what I need right now.
I like hoods. 

I like the idea of it being rainy and wearing hoods just to protect your head. They're so mysterious and versatile and lovely... In this awfully cold week we're getting here I'm going to wear hoodie sweaters like a mad woman.

Also, this happened to me yesterday, just like in 'New Girl', and I thought it was lovely. YOU MUST WATCH THIS SHOW IT IS AMAZING. 

And lastly, been obsessed with this song. It makes me want to drink tea on a porch and smoke and watch the sun rise and... yup. Wanna join me? I don't have a porch though, my balcony will have to do the trick. 

Lots of love xx C