Saturday, 1 December 2012

November's gone

All these months that end in 'ember' make me incredibly happy. Ember is such an amazing word, too, isn't it? The remnant of a dying fire. Which I guess symbolize the dying of the hotter months. I wonder if it's linked to that idea in any way? The day people made up names. Maybe that's what they thought about.

Anyhow. November's good as gone. And it's flown by so suddenly, so quietly, not leaving me time to concentrate on what it means to be almost done with the year. So scary. To keep my mind off of scary things, which is what we all need to do, always, I decided to share my favorite November things. I was planning on starting a "Weekly Favorites" kind of deal, but then December crept up and my weekly favorites are really my November ones (why? Because this month felt like a week, THAT'S WHY). So I thought I'd share it with you, lovely reader.

I'm of the opinion that people's favorite things make them who they are, and if those things change all the time, well, they're just that more interesting. And knowing little details of what people like always makes me happy. I hope it makes you happy, too.

FIRST: let's start with things I can't photograph. Music and Film. This month has, yet again, been dedicated to being absorbed by the magic of Bon Iver. So I leave you my favorites.

Two films I saw on November which I LOVED were Looper and Argo. To be fair, I watched the latter yesterday, but it counts! It was November still!
Looper was an amazing time-travel film, but it's definitely not for everyone... Most people I heard when coming out of the theatre either really disliked it or didn't understand it. I understood it and I thought it was a really simple film, but really very well made. Argo I saw with my best friend Fabiola, and we both loved it. It has the typical American sensationalist feel to it, very dramatic, but also based on true events, which always makes me curious. It's also based in the Middle East, and if you know me at all that's something I'm very interested in. I recommend both to anyone! They're a good time; not going on my all time favorites, but definitely nice to watch.

Instagram: Here are my Instagram photos of the month!
1-Taking a walk with Marina and ending up in the end of the world/ 2-Cupcakes made by friend Ale!/ 3- My friend Ini is home for the weekend/ 4- My best friend's birthday dinner!/ 5- I fell and hurt my knee but it's pretty (also this pic is from my friend Dei)/ 6- My Romwe skirt♥/ 7-My favorite Tea/ 8- Watching Across the Universe with my lovely Sarah/ 9- Patterning will kill me/ 10- What we do in textile class./ 11- My friend Carlota's beautiful illustration/ 12- It's December!!!
Books: The last couple of weeks I read The Hunger Games trilogy, which I thoroughly enjoyed! The last book was kind of slow and definitely the worst of the three in terms of storyline (a bit disappointing), but the series as a whole was incredible! I'm glad I've finally read them, I've been wanting to for a while. 
I read an ebook, though, which makes everything better and more practical until you run out of battery on the train. 
I'll post my fashion favorites tomorrow, because I feel like, otherwise, this post will be unnecessarily long ;). I leave you with some visual inspiration, and I hope you had an AMAZING month, and that December will be just as wonderful (It will be, we have Christmas). 

Love you all! xx

'Pride and Prejudice'

Comme Des Garçons 
Toby Edward Rosenthal - Elaine

Cooper Gotch

Herbert James Draper

'The Dreamers'