Tuesday, 27 August 2013

I'm done with summer, thanks

I was done with summer the day it started, to be honest, so it's been a rough couple of months for my cold heart. The only thing I like about this time of year is that I don't have classes, but that's quickly fixed because I've begun working for my retake exams in a couple of weeks. So right now I'm in a limbo between hating the weather and hating that I can't lay around watching movies and reading anymore in the coolness of my room. All of this I cover up with a shawl of fake positivity which is really just my undying excitement for Autumn. I cannot wait until I have leaves crunching under my feet and have to carry an umbrella just in case, and wearing hats and standing outside feeling the cold sneak under your coat and feeling glorious. At least I feel glorious. I'm an autumn child, you see, born in the beautiful month of October, so perhaps it's this that makes me so akin to the season.

Also, the beginning of the school year, however dreaded by academically-challenged characters such as myself, is actually a really exciting time. School shopping isn't what it used to be when you were ten, but it's still pretty neat. Starting things is one of my best abilities (continuing them, and *gasp* finishing them, is a whole other story), so starting a school year is really the epitome of 'beginnings'. Because, what's more of a start than a whole year of new classes, projects and information to drink up? I'm getting kind of stressed just by thinking about it. I should relax and think of things I want to buy, that always helps.

Without further ado, my Autumn Wishlist. I have dreams of all these items so I hope I'll be able to have them in my reach at some point. Thanks for reading! Do you share my feelings towards summer/autumn? I have a feeling it's an unpopular opinion... xx

1. Zara wool coat, 69,95€       2. Zara Mini Citybag Office, 29,25€       3. Zara Chelsea boots, 69,95€

4. iPad Mini, 329-659€           5. M.A.C lipstick Film Noir, 19€            6. Moleskine 3 Notebooks, 6€

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Tomorrow I am travelling to the magical land of Asturias to visit my soul sister Marina. I have this really heavy feeling in my heart because I feel like I need to go for my mental health.

Yesterday I witnessed the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. I live on the outskirts of Madrid and it's quiet and open and, since our apartment faces the West (more or less), I get to experience the beauty of the sun setting every day in the most beautiful way possible. I have an obsession with the sunset as seen from my house. I could watch it for hours and I wish we would live constantly with it in the background. It's so fleeting, it's like in a second it's changed and the sun is gone and you look elsewhere and it's suddenly dark when it had just been bright orange. When it's mildly cloudy, I lose it. I lose control over myself and I wish desperately (really) that I could fly into it.

Most of the time I take photos of it because I need to show the world its amazingness. People don't really care for it as strongly as I do, though. I don't know why, the sunset and the sky and the sky at sunset are things that make me go to a completely different state of mind. I kind of feel like I'm swimming, which is the closest thing I'll every do to flying...

These are some photos I took. I took 60 in total but some were not worth it (taking them from my window sitting on my desk is an extreme sport, I tell you), so here are a few. Also, listen to this song.