Thursday, 13 October 2011

What I hope my Autumn/Winter will be like

Os jodéis y este post lo hago en inglés. Porque me da la gana y me siento poética y Cristina poética en español no existe.

For some strange and unexplicable reason I have a gut feeling that this season will be not only better than the last (not too difficult, to be quite honest), but the best in a while. It's kind of like the start of an era for me, I feel very renewed and like I can be whomever I please. But, of course, that isn't true, because I'm the most "me" I've ever been. And perhaps that's exactly who I'm supposed to be, then. I don't know, I'm just sure I've left some sort of venomous environment behind that made me feel quite unhappy and depressed throughout most of last year, and only now am I slowly creeping out from that mental semi-isolation from the outside world. I must sound manic, but truly, this post is a happy one, for I am content and I am excited for the year which is to come.

So, I have compiled from my beloved Tumblr a bunch of pictures and photos, basically depicting the inspiration for how I want to spend this upcoming season.

Mua x

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