Friday, 14 October 2011


Lately I've fallen in love with plum lips. It's so very autumn-y. In general any sort of dark lip always looks attractive to me, I just haven't figured out a way to wear it! Here is some random dark lip inspiration.
I have to admit sometimes it can get a little too dark and verging on goth, but it's a look that I think could be pulled off wonderfully with the right clothes, more on the romantic and ethereal side, to contrast with the harshness from the lips. My most current inspiration for this type of make-up comes from the looks I saw in the Fall-Winter Dior collection which I spoke of in my first post, reminding me of English Victorian times. These are some examples of how to wear this tone and different shades.

My favorite thing ever is light light hair with dark lips and barely no eye make-up:
I really really want platinum blonde hair
Anyway. The best colours to wear with this type of colour (plum or burgundy - purple-) are, in my opinion, light colours, pastels and LACE, lots of lace, for that Lolita look. I don't know hahaha I just love harsh make up with feminine, vintage-y clothes. Like something like this:

Como habéis visto este post ha sido en inglés, y, honestamente me acabo de dar cuenta ahora jajajaja. Oh well :)
Mua x

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