Saturday, 16 March 2013

Inspiration Saturday

As probably a few of you know, I'm in the process of making a 'film', which is more like an existential experiment in which really wonderful people from my life appear and who let me direct them in my weird stories. I can't lie. This is actually the most interesting thing happening in my life right now. I started thinking that the fact I'm so involved with this might be a response to an overwhelming sadness and unmotivation which has been sleepily creeping on me. But then I decided that it doesn't matter what this might be a response to, because all I really know is that I get so much joy in creating things only for myself. I then leave you here with a few of the sources of inspiration for this project that I have handily around the house. They are my favorite things to come back to. They make perfect before-bed stories, too. Whether it be dreaming of mythological monsters, of having a beautiful soundtrack to your life, or sitting under perfect lighting, all these elements of my life make me pensive and peaceful and wondrous.

Shall we start with the books?
From Left to Right: 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland',  byLewis Carroll. 'Monsters', by Christopher Dell. 'Mythologies', by Roland Barthes. 'Tree and Leaf', by J.R.R Tolkien.

These books are quite an agglomeration of beauty. This copy of Alice in Wonderland (or The Adventures of... rather) is one of four which I own, but I love it the most because it's big and old, and the original illustrations are kept along with other beautiful ones. It also contains Alice Through the Looking Glass, which is an essential for my literary inspiration for most things.
The book on monsters is a random purchase I made on a whim once, and it's basically all about religious/mythological creatures. It's also amazingly illustrated. It always gives me a supernatural and yet beautiful vision of death and danger, as well as mythology, whenever I need it.
Mythologies by Dr Roland Barthes is quite the strange one, too. I don't know how to classify it, but it could go under the 'essay' label, as an academic, thoughtful and funny account of the author's reflections on life. It's incredibly inspiring, and my most recent purchase. I'm not done with it, I'll keep you updated!
Another book which I find kind of unclassifiable is my favorite one as of late (behind Alice, no one beats her). I bought it whilst searching the meaning of the word "Mythopoeia" (Noun: The making of a myth or myths), and, seeing as it was written by one of my favorite people in history, JRR Tolkien, I decided to get a copy (and one for my dearest friend Blanca, because I thought she'd enjoy it), and it's a beautiful compilation of essays, reflections, short stories and poems by the author of The Lord of The Rings. My Father says it looks really boring. I think not.
From Top: Florence + the Machine - 'Ceremonials'. Grimes - 'Visions'. Florence + the Machine - 'Between Two Lungs'. Tchaikovsky - 'The Best of'.

Tchaikovsky - 'The Best of'. Florence + the Machine - 'Ceremonials'. Grimes - 'Visions'. Florence + the Machine - 'Between Two Lungs'. 
I love listening to music on albums rather that online sometimes, because I like the continuity of the music and the handiness involved to change them when you're bored. But that's also the reason why I hate them. Alas, these are the top of my music inspiration, as well as having gorgeous covers. The full soundtrack to the film is in process and I will gladly share my selection when it's done. It's very promising if I may say.
'Lost in Translation', by Sofia Coppola. 'The Virgin Suicides', by Sofia Coppola. 'The Royal Tenenbaums' by Wes Anderson.

These are possibly my three top favorite films in the world. I will not talk about them even a little because that wouldn't be enough to express my love for them. I just urge you to watch them. The aesthetics, storylines, camera shots and directors/writers of these films are my real raison d'ĂȘtre when it comes to making ANYTHING creative.

I hope you have an amazing weekend, and, if you're in Spain, mini-break. You probably deserve it. Thank you for sharing my love for these things and allowing me to be boring and open about them. 
I love you. xx

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