Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Tomorrow I am travelling to the magical land of Asturias to visit my soul sister Marina. I have this really heavy feeling in my heart because I feel like I need to go for my mental health.

Yesterday I witnessed the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. I live on the outskirts of Madrid and it's quiet and open and, since our apartment faces the West (more or less), I get to experience the beauty of the sun setting every day in the most beautiful way possible. I have an obsession with the sunset as seen from my house. I could watch it for hours and I wish we would live constantly with it in the background. It's so fleeting, it's like in a second it's changed and the sun is gone and you look elsewhere and it's suddenly dark when it had just been bright orange. When it's mildly cloudy, I lose it. I lose control over myself and I wish desperately (really) that I could fly into it.

Most of the time I take photos of it because I need to show the world its amazingness. People don't really care for it as strongly as I do, though. I don't know why, the sunset and the sky and the sky at sunset are things that make me go to a completely different state of mind. I kind of feel like I'm swimming, which is the closest thing I'll every do to flying...

These are some photos I took. I took 60 in total but some were not worth it (taking them from my window sitting on my desk is an extreme sport, I tell you), so here are a few. Also, listen to this song.



  1. TÍA. captas la belleza. qué preciosidad. tan bello ese cielo como tú por fuera y por dentro.

  2. aaah las puestas de sol madrileñas tienen algo especial... Muy bonito post :)
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    The Floating Team!