Friday, 9 November 2012

Halloween Collaboration - Finally...

I'm pretty late in the game, talking about Halloween like it's just passed, but I completely fell out of the blogging loop, as per usual! Forgive me. But the collaboration I did with my lovely Marina (her blog is the best) is pretty awesome to not mention, even if it doesn't seem that relevant right now (Christmas is really around the corner, which is weird; we were just melting under the summer sun what seems like yesterday!).

Inspired by the (then) upcoming Halloween, Marina and I joined creative forces, her with her brilliant modelling anything I put on her (remember this video?), and my photography skills. Who knew I had such skills? Not me. It was so much fun, really, creating a character which ended up being nothing very specific... a bit Morticia Addams, Corpse Bride, Zombie Widow... It's anything you want it to be. My metal wire doll I made a few years ago was featured (as well as my bat stuffed animal, Nosferatu, but you can't really see it), completely randomly, but it could mean a million things, too! It could be a voodoo doll, a product of the character's imagination in her pain of loss... Anything.

I leave you a few pictures of the shoot, but you can see them all here!

I forgot to add! The Skeleton hands T-Shirt was made by my beautiful friend Sarah Crevillén. You can see her AMAZING illustrations on her blog!

Finally, I made a little video of this shoot. We had nearly no light whatsoever nearing to the end of the shoot, but I hope you like it! 

Tell me what you think, and thank you for reading! I hope you have a lovely day. xx

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