Tuesday, 17 January 2012


In the morning I always feel melancholic.
I have to give in a huge project on Thursday which I haven't really begun, and I don't really know where to. So instead I listen to Avril Lavigne's first album, which is one of my favorite albums of all time. I hold so many memories in every song, it's like travelling in time when I hear them. It makes me unmistakably sad to reminisce time when I was there, and so, so happy. It shouldn't hurt so much to remember the past, but it just seems like it was a different person's life, not mine. How could I have lived there and felt happy being away for so long, in touch with a completely different reality? It shocks me everyday how those five years I lived in Jerusalem affected me. At the same time I feel like I'm completely exaggerating and completely not. The amount of memories, or lack thereof, that I hold from there is painstaking, and affects me every single day of my life. And it's almost been four years. But I still hold it in my heart. Am I lost in the past?


  1. Maybe... Or may be not. Remembering is always better than forgetting...

    Bueno, nunca sé si se usa ing en frases así..
    Que eeso, que recordar simpre es mejor que olvidar jajajaj

  2. Ah, y soy SUPER SUPER FAN de esa canción

  3. Really like your blog!
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